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Race Nights are popular fundraisers for schools, PTA's, charities, churches, social clubs, scout, sports club and corporate events and great entertainment at any get-together whether its a wedding, birthday party, office party or for corporate hospitality.

horse race nightA race night is really just a fun, group participation game. The 'game' provides superb entertainment as punters bet on their favourite runners and cheer them on in each race. We offer virtual Race Night videos for fundraising and entertainment across Australia delivered direct from the UK by streaming.

We have dog and horse race night videos together with fundeo's cockroach and snail race nights under licence. Also using the fundeo 'do virtual' platform it is easy to host a virtual race night game on zoom. A Zoom race night hosted on that platform can have full functionality and more, thus online collection of sponsorships and personalised names, online auctions and sale of virtual tote tickets. All virtual race night videos can be personalised with funny horse names which adds to the fun.

Anything can happen in a cockroach or snail race and the runners can be disqualified for cheating or meet a sticky end. They are very easy to use because they are hosted by a virtual compere who runs the whole show, introducing all the runners, opening and closing the tote and announcing the results. There is also a choice of versions for different age groups so the race night will suit any audience.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to boost fundraising for your club or charity!

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